Department of History

The subject history was taught since the dawn of this institute. In 1922, History was introduced as a special subject at B.A. level. In the year 1922, Dr. Balakrishna, an active member of Arya Samaj was invited by Late His Highness Cha. Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur Presidency to run this institute. Dr. Balkrishna was a great historian and had tremendous interest in Maratha History. He wrote 3 volumes on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s life. Even today these books are considered as a milestone in Maratha History for the research scholars and Ph. D. students. Renowned and internationally famed professors like Dr. Vishwas, Dr. Banerjee and Dr. Sen were invited to this institute by Dr. Balkrishna and their contribution to this institute is immense. All these learned professors added fame and glamour to the Rajaram College which became a premier educational institute in India.

In 1926, postgraduate classes were started in the Institute. Dr. A. G. Pawar, served in this department and later became Head of the Department. He also chaired the Principal’s office of this Institution. Further he was the Director of Higher Education of the former Bombay Presidency and he was also the founder Vice-Chancellor of Shivaji University, Kolhapur for a considerable period.

Later several eminent scholars like Dr. D`souza, Dr. Sadashiv Athavale, Dr. Telang, Shri S. V. Gholkar and Shri. V. S. Kadam, Shri. P. L. Mishra, Prof. Kandalgaonkar, Prof. Sanap and Prof. Yekundi maintained the glorious tradition of this department.

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