Learning Outcome

" According to New Education Policy The Shivaji university Syllabus includes Learning Outcome "
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Programme Outcomes

The college runs three undergraduate and three post graduate programmes.These are B A, B Com, B Sc, M A(psychology),M A(Home Science),M Sc (Analytical Chemistry)

B A : Understanding language and developing communication skills, broadening views towards community, knowledge regarding the faculties of humanities.

B.Com: practical approach of financial planning ,Entrepreneurship development

B.Sc : Inculcating scientific temperament, orientation towards research, preparing students for technosavy culture

M A: deep knowledge of the subject, behavioral patterns ,Attainment of social relevance

M Sc : Inculcating scientific temperament, orientation towards research, broadening horizons towards industrial problem solving

Programme Specific Outcomes:

B A :

  1. Social Sciences: Understanding indivisuals and mass psychology.knowing importance of national,studying philosophical and therotical issues of social reforms, Contribute to social justice, Societal skills,Globaleconomy,politicaltrends,politicaltrends,geographical structure and issues
  2. Languages: Creating interest in languages, acquiring basic skills: Listening, speaking, reading and scriptwriting,writing critical reviews


  1. Understanding Accountancy and business economics


  1. Physical Sciences: Understanding the basics, how they can be applied to real life, Studying sources of unconventional energy sources etc
  2. Material Sciences: Understanding the basics, geological assay, energy generation, understating GPRS etc,to use various scientific instruments,softwares
  3. Life Sciences: Understanding the biodiversity and interrelationship between various forms of living species, Various ecosystems,Awareness regarding the issues related with agriculture,industry and Ecofriendly environment etc
  4. Mathematical Sciences: Understanding the basics, Data analysis, use in software programming and other relevant fields

Course Outcomes:

B.A: Interaction and understanding society in better manner, understanding socio –economical problems, behavioral pattern etc

Languages: Hindi, Marathi and English: Speaking fluency, literature knowledge and skills of communication are improved. Understanding basic literary terms and basic concepts of Literary criticism, Understanding current trends in literature

B.Com: study of economics, budgeting, finance ,Economics and accountancy,Enterprunership,administrative management

B.Sc :

  • Physics: Knowledge of heat and energy related process, electricity and magnetism
  • Electronics : Knowledge of various electronic components and its usage in the era of IT sector
  • Chemistry : Knowledge of chemicals and chemical processes, reactions and minimal use of chemicals for environmental sustainability. Understanding the principles of green chemistry
  • Botany : Knowledge of various plants and families and environmental importance and role in environmental sustainability
  • Zoology : Knowledge of animal kingdom and our responsibility for conservation of biodiversity
  • Mathematics : Knowledge of mathematics in general life and its use in emerging computer trends
  • Statistics : Analysis of data and use of statistical applications that touch every part of life
  • Microbiology : Knowledge of world of microbes and its benefits and harms to living world. Knowledge of various enzymatic processes,Awareness regarding environmental pollution and bioremediation
  • Geology : Knowledge of rocks and geological assay and its importance relevant to petrochemicals, mining, water detection ,GPS etc.