Our Motto :
Our Motto

Silent Features :

  • Laboratories :
    Well equipped and specious laboratories for junior, UG and Research activities are available. The laboratories are equipped with all required instruments (electronic balance, Oven, Suction pump, Ice maker, pH meters, Conductometers, Potentiometers, Polarimeters, Refractometers, Stirrers, Hot plates, Exhaust system, Digital Polarimeter, Spectrophotometer etc. The Labs are well ventilated and are with safety instruments ( fire extinguishing, First Aid box, Sand Buckets
  • Departmental Library :
    The departmental library has been fully prepared with all the necessary reference books required for UG in which number of books in Departmental Library is about three hundred. Besides, about 200 e books are available.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi Facility :
    The department provides own internet facility for students and teachers and Wi-Fi facility to teachers for browsing current knowledge of the subject.
  • Research Laboratory :
    The department has a well equipped research laboratory, where Teachers, M. Phil and Ph. D. students carry out their research activities. The instruments includes Spectrophotometer, Hall Effect Settup, Four Probe, Two probe Electrical Conductivity Measurement Unit, Chemical Deposition Assmbly, Hot plates, Stirrers, Nanometers, Multimeters, Turbidity meter, D,O Meter, Refregerators, Regulater Power Supply, Orbital Shaker, Glasswares of all kinds (including research glasswares), distillation plant, Chemicals, All the Research Laboratories are provided with computers having Internet facility. A fume is their in Senior laboratory, An Electricity backup is provided in Sr Laboratory.
  • Computer for students :
    The department provide computer facility for project work of B,Sc III students

Highlights of the Department:

  • Courses from XI to UG.
  • Highly qualified staff.
  • Research Activities.
  • Well-equipped and spacious lab for junior and senior college.
  • Separate lab for research.
  • Departmental library.
  • Co-operating non-teaching staff.
  • Counseling for academic future.
  • Personal guidance for slow learners.
  • Industrial visits.
  • Activities through Departmental Club (Chem Club).