Vision,Mission and Goals

Our Motto :
Our Motto

Vision :

To develop the department as a center of excellence in Chemistry Education, this is a necessity in the world of globalization and free economy. The knowledge of Chemistry is a prerequisite for any branch of science as well as for Environmentalist and Social scientist. The growth of country, area can be enhanced if students do well in Chemistry

Goals :

Department caters the need of Pharmaceutical, Dyes, Polymer, Chemical and Agrochemical Industries by producing the trained man power to enhance the Industrial and Agricultural productivity. It also offers the analytical and consultancy services to Pharmaceutical, Metallurgical and Inorganic industries. Department also encourages students to start their own industries is as the urgent need of country. A good deal of environmental aspects related to pollution and making this vasundara sustainable are being taught and studied lots of innovates are being planned to activate research in areas like Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology and Information Technology.

Mission :


We would like to start the courses in the emerging areas as per UGC guidelines in several disciplines like Green Chemistry, Agro-chemistry, Photo-chemistry, Information Technology (Drug design), Nanoparticles Technology, Material Science, Pharmaceutical Computational Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Polymer Science, so as to develop it as a centre of excellence in teaching and research.