List of Eminent Rajaramians

In the words of honorable late Shri B. D. Jatti (Former Vice-President of India and Ex-student of the college)- "Rajaram College can be designated as a Well". This well was dug in early eighties of the nineteenth century i.e., 1880. Those who tasted the water in the form of knowledge from RAJARAM became the most successful and powerful persons in their respective areas. Thus Rajaram college is a sculptor which finishes each and every person who comes here and finally gets a good shape to his life.

In Politics
1 Gopal Krishna Gokhale: He was one of the Rajaramians who became famous for his work in politics as well in social reforms. He was not only a great politician during his lifetime but is given the same respect even today. He completed his B. A. Degree in 1884.

He had a great command over English and even the British Governor General Lord Curzon Wiley appreciated it. He worked as a Politician from 1885 to 1915. He also struggled for the freedom of our nation. He started helping the congress from 1887. In 1905 he became the President of Banaras Congress. He worked about 11 to 12 years in The Council of Senior Laws.

Not only was he a political leader, but he also wrote some of the bulletins against the British. He started a movement for free primary education to every person. Mahatma Gandhi was so impressed by him that he considered Gopal Krishna Gokhale as his Political Guru.

2 N. C. Kelkar- He was the Rajaramian who created a great impression in the field of National politics. After completion of his studies he worked as a Barrister in Satara. In the year 1886, he became the editor of "Maratha" and in 1897 the editor of "Kesari" newspapers.

N. C. Kelkar advented his political career through his writings. He wrote every type of literature including dramas. Hence besides being a politician he also became famous for his literature. In the year 1925, he became the president of "Hindu Maha Sabha Adhivation". In the year 1916 he was chosen as a secretary of "Home Rule League". He also contributed to Indian Freedom Struggle through his writings. He also represented India twice in "World Round Table Conferences" in the years 1930-31.

3 Principal Barrister Balasaheb Khardekar- He was a student of this college in the year 1922-24. After his graduation and getting his Barrister degree he joined as a professor and then became the Principal of this College from 1940 - 1945. In his political life he was elected in the State Legislative Assembly, Maharashtra. He gave specific directions to the problems of Revenue and Education in the Vidhan Sabha through his thoughts and speeches. Later on he established Gopal Krishna Gokhale College in Kolhapur. The library of Shivaji University is named after Barrister Khardekar.
4 Shri. Yashwantrao B. Chavan- We all identify Shri. Yashwantrao Chavan as one of the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He came from a farmer's family, reached the level of the Deputy Prime Minister of India. It was only Rajaram College which could produce such a great person with the greatness in all fields of his life. He completed his graduation in Rajaram College with History and Economics in 1934. He actively participated in India's Freedom struggle. He also went underground during his fight against the British Rule. After India's freedom he became Secretary of Parliament in Morarji Desai's Government. His real work in political life started from 1957. After the formation of Maharashtra State he made revolutionary changes in the Political, Social, Economical and other fields. He established the concept of Zilla Parishad in Maharashtra. In 1962 he divided Maharashtra in to 26 districts having Zilla Parishads and 262 Talukas having Panchyat Samitis. During the Indo-China war in 1963-64 the Prime-minister Pandit Nehru invited him in the Central Government as the Defence Minister of India. During his political career he also handled Finance and External Affairs Ministries. He was also elected as Deputy Prime Minister of India.
5 Dr. B. D. Jatti- B. A., LLB: He was the first Rajaramian to become the Vice President of free India. Born in Savalgi village of Bijapur district in Karnataka State on 10th September 1912. He was a student of this college from 1930 - 1934. He was Chief Minister of Mysore State from 1958 - 1962. He also worked as Minister of Finance Govt. of Karnataka from 1962 - 1965, Minister of Food and Civil Supplies 1965 - 1968, Lt. Governer of Pondicherry from 1968 - 72. He also served as Governer of Orissa from 1972 - 74. He became Vice-President of India from 1974 - 79 during which he also served as acting President of India from 11 Feb 1977 - 25 July 1977. He also received Honorary LLD degree from Karnataka University, Dharwad.
6 Balasaheb Desai- Student of Rajaram College from 1930 to 1934. He started his political career as a student's leader and then as a leader of congress party in Zilla Parishad, Satara. Later on he became Revenue Minister followed by various other ministries in Maharashtra. He was responsible for various revolutionary changes in Government procedures. Due to his activeness, progress and achievements in various fields he was popularly known as "Lokneta" (Leader of the people) and "Iron Man of Maharashtra".
7 Dr. Ratnappa Kumbhar- He is one of the most eminent persons from Maharashtra who made large-scale achievements in various fields like politics, agro-industrial development, co-operative sector, etc. He was a highly respected personality because of his major role in the freedom struggle. His greatest achievement was that he was one of the persons to sign the Final Draft of the Constitution of India along with Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. He was awarded the PADMASHRI, he was Member of the Parliament, Member of Legislative Council and also worked as a Minister of Food and Civil Supplies in Maharashtra Government.
8 Mrs. Shalinitai Patil- One of the eminent lady students of the college, Mrs. Patil throughout her lifetime has worked for humanity, started "Jijamata Pratishthan" for the welfare of poor people. She has also worked as Revenue Minister of Maharashtra.
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