Mission And Goals


To ensure delivery of affordable quality education which shall equip the students with knowledge and skills which are interdisciplinary; to inculcate ethical values and develop the capacity to appreciate cultural diversity; to build an ethos of sustainable development; to identify hidden talents of each of the learners and provide them opportunities to realize their full potential and thus shape them into future pathfinders, entrepreneurs and above all a good citizens and human beings. In other words, to provide quality education for personality and nationality.


  • To provide an education that transforms learners into nation builders who understand the needs of the nation and society and contribute to general wellbeing.
  • To create an ecosystem in which intellectual freethinking, scientific temperament, skills, innovation, and global citizenship flourish.
  • To collaborate with other institutions around the world to bring about holistic and sustainable progress through partnerships.
  • To uphold constitutional values, the traditional Indian knowledge system.
  • To maintain interaction between academia and industry to make educational activities functional and productive.
  • Developing human resources that can provide leadership in a variety of professions and make relentless efforts for the welfare of humanity and the planet.
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